Eco-Processing with Casa do Xisto

by Porto/Post/Doc / 10 11 2023

After the screening of a best-off of the films produced so far in the five editions of the 16mm Immersive Laboratory at Casa do Xisto, various non-toxic film development processes will be discussed with the presence of Catarina de Sousa, founder of the lab, and Ricardo Leite, experienced director in film processing. Casa do Xisto is a laboratory of free expression that crosses artistic languages, prioritising the preservation of cinematographic arts. With environmental considerations and approaches to working with experimental cinema, it explores developments with non-toxic photochemical processes, in a sustainable filmmaking practice. This project holds annual workshops led by Steve Cossman (Mono no Aware, NY), Ricardo Leite and local and foreign guests.

This session, open to the public and free access, will take place at 2pm on November 23rd at Café do Batalha.

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