Working Class Heroes Screenings

by Porto/Post/Doc / 09 11 2023

As part of the Working Class Heroes project, developed in partnership with Filmaporto – film commission, a cinema session was created that includes films from the three directors chosen for this year's pitching. Taking place on November 21st, at 7pm, at Batalha Centro de Cinema, it will include:

Life Railways: Restless Wind
Tomás Baltazar, 2023, PRT, 26'
The young German journalist Samuel comes to meet Alma Bentes, a renowned Portuguese writer. Over small trips, Samuel records, trilling, fragments immortalised in the tiles of the railway stations. The train stops at life stations, and the restless wind carries time away.

No river protects me from myself
Carla Andrade, 2021, ESP, 27'
Based on the mysterious theft of footage filmed in the jungle of the Congo Basin in the Central African Republic, the film reflects on the foundations of identity through a constellation of narratives and states of mind that, far from telling a linear story, are reflected, questioned, overlapped or self-determined through their position in a precise time and space.

Atlas of an amateur cinema: Mapping the Discarded
Inês Sapeta Dias, Luísa Homem, 2023, PRT, 33’
Atlas of an amateur cinema focuses on films that were made outside of professional networks and, in most cases, for emotional reasons: amateur films and home movies that have been neglected by history and archives, locked away in private places. It includes conversations with Amarante Abramovici, José Manuel Costa, Melissa Rodrigues and Teresa Castro.

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