23 Nov - 1 Dec 2019

In 2019 we look inside, which is to say: Porto/Post/Doc opens to the multiplicity of identities. As a festival, looking inside is projecting the light of diversity that compose us into the darkness of a theater room. All time of films, feature films, medium and short films, pure documentaries, impure fictions, several competitions and animations. But before opening the doors of Rivoli and Passos Manuel cinemas, we had to stop and reflect without mirrors our own and your identities. We projected ideas expressed in images, songs, colors, sounds and silences, in an edition designed around the most timeless identity issues, the contemporary ones.

After five years of tracing paths, in a wide world tour, moving the peripheries into center, Porto/Post/Doc asks: what, in us, in each one of us, defines what we are individually and collectively? What knot is established between an identity policy and the constitution of politicized identities? What land fits us when we belong to none? Questions that emerge over the entire program of the festival but that will be on limelight with Forum of the Real and in the parallel film program. On stage, on screen or at coffee, there will be nine days of encounters with the difference, which is to say, other identities.

Between November 23 and December 1, Porto/Post/Doc occupies venues areas of the city (Porto Municipal Theater - Rivoli, Cinema Passos Manuel, Planetári do Porto - Centro de Ciência Viva, Zero Box Lodge and Escola das Artes - UCP) and adventure for the first time in another city, Braga (Espaço Vita and gnration).

The 2019 edition has the usual and precious support of Câmara Municipal do Porto, Instituto do Cinema e Audiovisual (ICA) - Ministério da Cultura, CVRVV - Vinho Verde, as well as several other partnerships essential to the festival.