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Working Class Heroes

The Porto/Post/Doc festival has created the “Working Class Heroes” grant in collaboration with the Filmaporto - Film Commission. The project aims to support audiovisual production in Porto and narratives centred around the city. It draws inspiration from the stories of those who have contributed to shaping Porto over time.

This initiative involves a grant of €20,000, extended through invitations to filmmakers whose work aligns with the philosophy of Porto/Post/Doc. The goal is to create a creative space that amplifies the voices of individuals who have lived and worked in the city. In essence, it encourages us to listen to the unsung heroes who have woven the fabric of Porto—a city that reflects the diverse facets of the working class.

The project serves a dual purpose: first, to enable the development and production of new cinematic works; and second, to foster a collection of films that bridge the perspectives of various filmmakers with the local community. These films will portray the passions, career paths, injustices, and triumphs that form the relational tapestry of this place.

For each edition of Porto/Post/Doc, three filmmakers will be invited to pitch their ideas before an international jury. The selected project will then be produced during a two-year artistic residency in the city of Porto.

The final outcome will be a film of any genre, that will later have its premiere at Porto/Post/Doc.

Participation in this project is by invitation only. However, the public presentation of the projects will take place during the festival—an opportunity for filmmakers, producers, and industry stakeholders to connect. Importantly, this grant can be combined with other national or international funding sources.

Sérgio Gomes | Executive Producer & Head of Industry

Liliana S. Lasprilla | Project Manager & Industry Coordinator