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Privacy Policy

1. Context
The Porto/Post/Doc Cultural Association values the privacy of its subscribers' data. We hereby present our privacy policy in the following points. This privacy policy lists the forms of collection and use of personal data and the safeguards and security measures adopted in their treatment and how the options expressed by the owners are respected.

2. Data collection
The Porto/Post/Doc Cultural Association collects personal data, such as names, addresses, emails and telephone numbers. For the purposes indicated below, personal data may be stored either in its unidentifiable form or in aggregate form.

In addition, in order to effectively carry out various business transactions, the Porto/Post/Doc Cultural Association may collect personal data from individuals, customers and potential customers through questionnaires, information requests, or when they contract, acquire, subscribe or register certain products and services. Including free demonstrations, special offers or participation in contests or hobbies. The data collected are adequate, relevant and not excessive in relation to the specific, explicit and legitimate scope, purposes and services of the Porto/Post/Doc Cultural Association .

The Porto/Post/Doc Cultural Association processes personal data with the following objectives:

- To send the newsletter through your signature to the same effect, so you can continue to receive news about our activities, offers, research and other matters related to the Porto/Post/Doc Cultural Association. At any time you can unsubscribe from our mailing list by using the “Unsubscribe” button at the bottom of the newsletter.
- Manage your profile, where you have access to submit films and projects to the festival, request credentials for the festival, and respond to all the various activities in the sector.
- To improve our website www.portopostdoc.com. We collect personal information in the use of our website to develop navigation and content facilitated the interests and needs of our visitors.
- Understand audiences and clients and their interests. In some cases, the Porto/Post/Doc Cultural Association can develop statistical reports to describe your audience to potential sponsors and advertisers. These reports do not contain personally identifiable information.

3. Type of data collected
The Porto/Post/Doc Cultural Association collects personal data that may include the following points:

- Personal information such as name and email, when you subscribe to our newsletter.
- Personal information such as name, address, payment information, including credit card information; e-mail and telephone number, when you buy tickets for our activities through the ticket systems provided by the Porto/Post/Doc Cultural Association itself.
- Personal information such as name, profession, email, phone number, passport photo, biography / filmography and login information including your password of choice, when submitting a movie or project or when requesting a credential for the various activities of our sector.
- Personal information submitted regarding competitions and surveys. This can include e-mail and possible answers to questions. This information can be used to analyze and target future festival activities.
- Personal information provided by third parties, such as the name, if we need to obtain information about your profession regarding the accreditation process.
- Images and videos that may appear during your participation in the activities of the Porto/Post/Doc Cultural Association.
- We register cookies and information, such as your IP address, operating system, browser type, geographic location when you access our website www.portopostdoc.com. Your data is used to improve your user experience of our site through Google Analytics. Statistical data is used exclusively for information reports, such as detecting the frequency of visits to the pages of the site.
- Personal information provided to us when you apply for a job, internship or voluntary service at the Porto/Post/Doc Cultural Association or when you contact us by phone or e-mail.

4. How will the data be used?
The information provided may be used by the Porto/Post/Doc Cultural Association, as well as by its commercial partners and customers (for whom the user has given consent), to send you information about your products and services, adapting communications to your needs and interests. In addition to these purposes, your personal data may be used in the following ways:

The Porto/Post/Doc Cultural Association only collects and processes data that we have been allowed to use in accordance with our Data Policy, subscribing through our newsletter, submitting a film or project, buying tickets or interacting with us in the various forms of the sector.

The Porto/Post/Doc Cultural Association can use your personal data for legitimate interests, optimizing your activities and offers, improving the site and responding to calls and emails sent by users.

Porto/Post/Doc Cultural Association can also collect personal data, such as photos and videos taken at exhibitions, events and other activities in the sector.

The Porto/Post/Doc Cultural Association uses information www.portopostdoc.com to improve the user experience and analyze their preferences.

5. Who receives your data?
In accordance with the General Regulation on Data Protection, the Porto/Post/Doc Cultural Association may, in certain cases, exchange your personal data with the following parts:

- Web companies approved by the Porto/Post/Doc Cultural Association to manage the festival data.
- Public institutions, if required by law.
- If your personal data is transferred to third parties in countries outside the EU/EEA, the Porto/Post/Doc Cultural Association will ensure that the transfer complies with all legal requirements.

6. How do we protect your data?
The Porto/Post/Doc Cultural Association stores your personal data securely and confidentially in keyword-protected databases, to which only a limited number of relevant festival officials have access. The employees of the Porto/Post/Doc Cultural Association respect the use of their personal data and those responsible with access to our databases are obliged to process them in accordance with our Data Policy.

7. Compliance with this Privacy Policy
It is understood that the user accepts the conditions of this privacy policy when entering their data in our website of the Porto/Post/Doc Cultural Association. Completion of the forms assumes your consent to the automated processing and use of the data in accordance with the privacy conditions described in this document.

8. Cookies
On the Porto/Post/Doc Cultural Association website, cookies are used, which allow you to improve the start of your session. A cookie is a small file that installs on your computer when you visit a website. If you come back to visit this website, the cookie acknowledges that you have already visited this website.

There are 2 types of cookies: temporary and permanent cookies. Temporary cookies are deleted when you close your web browser. Permanent cookies are information units that are stored on your computer until they are deleted after a certain period. Permanent cookies are renewed whenever you visit a site again. The Porto/Post/Doc Cultural Association uses on its site temporary and permanent cookies.

To develop and improve our website, www.portopostdoc.com, the Porto/Post/Doc Cultural Association uses cookies from certain trusted third parties: for example, Google Analytics, used for statistical purposes; SurveyMonkey, used in searches, and Eventival used in sending newsletters. These latter two services use cookies to optimize the user experience on your sites.

All information we receive through the use of cookies is anonymous. During your use you can always delete, reject or disable the use of cookies on your computer by changing your browser settings. The location of the settings always depends on the type of navigation browser used.

Please, some links of the site www.portopostdoc.com refer to some sites that are not included in our Data Policy, referring to specific situations of sharing links and / or additional information.

9. Rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition
The user may exercise his rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition with respect to his personal data. Making use of the following rights:

The Porto Cultural Association / Post / Doc employs a series of security measures to protect your personal data and guarantee your rights as a user. In relation to our processing of your personal data, it may be to make use of your rights:

- The right to discern your personal data in our records.
- The right to correct your personal data in our records.
- The right to delete your personal data in our records.
- The right to limit the processing of your personal data.
- The right to refuse the processing of your personal data.

If you have agreed to the processing of your personal data, for example by subscribing to our newsletter, you can cancel the subscription at any time, at which point the processing of your data will be completed. If you have created a profile to submit a film to the Porto/Post/Doc Cultural Association, requested a credential or other forms, if involved with the Porto/Post/Doc Cultural Association, you can request at any time that your personal information that we have in our possession are excluded.

However, this does not include data that we are required to maintain for administrative, legal, or security-related matters.

The exercise of the rights should be carried out by any means that the user considers pertinent:

a) Through the service cancellation links present in all communications sent via email;
b) By email: info@portopostdoc.com, with the subject remove;
c) By post: Rua Cândido dos Reis 46, 2D 4050-151 Porto, Portugal
d) Telephone: +351 918 736 930

10. Compliance with law
The Porto/Post/Doc Cultural Association complies with the Data Protection Law available on the page of the CNPD (National Commission for Data Protection, located at Rua de S. Bento, nº 148, 3º, 1200-821 Lisboa).

11. Security and storage of your data
Porto/Post/Doc Cultural Association invests heavily to maintain the security of your site and systems and to prevent access to your personal data by anyone who is not authorized to do so.

However, the Internet is not a 100% secure medium of communication and therefore the Porto/Post/Doc Cultural Association can not guarantee the security of any information that you send via the Web. Liability for loss or damage to the user or other parties as a result of the loss of the confidentiality of said information.

12. Other websites and limits of responsibility of Porto/Post/Doc Cultural Association 
The Porto/Post/Doc Cultural Association website may contain links to other websites that are beyond the control of Porto/Post/Doc Cultural Association and are not covered by this privacy policy. In case you access other sites using these links, you must be aware that these sites may request and collect personal data, according to the respective privacy policy, which may be different from ours.

It is also important to mention that the Porto/Post/Doc Cultural Association website can provide links to other sites created and managed by other organizations. Since these sites are not owned by us, we can not guarantee the quality, adequacy or operation thereof, and our relationship with such sites does not imply endorsement of the products and services sold or advertised, nor any information on the sites in question. We strongly recommend that you pay close attention to and take into account that under no circumstances will the Porto/Post/Doc Cultural Association be liable, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or allegedly caused to you or use of the content, goods or services available on any of these websites.

13. Transfer of assets
In the normal course of activity of the Porto/Post/Doc Cultural Association, there may be changes in the ownership and control of the Porto/Post/Doc Cultural Association, in its subsidiaries, subsidiaries or affiliates or, possibly, in the group's business areas.

In any of these situations, personal data may be considered transferable assets, provided that the requirements and authorizations legally necessary for the transmission are respected. The same will happen if the Porto/Post/Doc Cultural Association or some part or sector of activity or the companies that form the group, or its associated companies, subsidiaries or subsidiaries are bought, situations in which the personal data will be part of the assets to be transferred provided that the requirements and authorizations legally necessary for their transmission are respected.

14. Anti-SPAM Policy
The Porto/Post/Doc Cultural Association is seriously concerned about spamming.

To prove our dedication to a spam-free internet environment, we have installed a policy and procedures that ensure the integrity of our systems and our messages. Therefore, if any of our subscribers or participants in a contest become involved in an act of spamming, we will terminate immediately and without prior notice to your account or participation due to our anti-spam policy.

The Porto/Post/Doc Cultural Association has always and will continue to do everything within our policies and procedures to maintain the status of a clean organization of spam within the internet community.

What is spamming?
Spamming consists not only in sending an email to someone unknown but can also be done by posting messages to newsgroups, forums, classifieds or chats. Excluded are the cases in which the invitation to the service / hobby is inserted in the signature of the comments and / or announcements.

Anti-Spam Policy of the Porto/Post/Doc Cultural Association
Although a substantial part of the activity of the Porto/Post/Doc Cultural Association, is the organization of hobbies and consequently encourages its participants to disclose the same among friends and acquaintances, IS TOTALLY AND UNIQUELYAGAINST ANY DIRECT OR INDIRECT USE OF SPAMMING. Therefore, we recommend that our members and participants only send emails to people they know and NEVER to people they do not know.

For this reason, the spammer will be immediately disqualified in our hobbies and may have to answer in court if his actions so warrant.

What do you do if you think you have a spam case that directly or indirectly involves our site?
If you feel that a participant or member of our site has sent you spam or have questions about our spam policy, please contact us at the following email: info@portopostdoc.com indicating all the information. We will immediately take the appropriate measures, one of them being the immediate expulsion of the member of our service, as a minimum measure.

15. Privacy Policy Changes
The Porto Cultural / Post / Doc Cultural Association reserves the right at any time to update or revise the privacy policy set forth in this document in order to adjust to any legislative changes and other constraints.

Accept our Data Policy when you visit www.portopostdoc.com and when you use our services (newsletters, submission of films / projects, festivals, accreditation, etc.)

Last updated: May 24, 2018.