Jury and Awards



Great Prize Porto/Post/Doc
By Vinhos Verdes
(3000 Euros)

Eldorado XXI
Salomé Lamas


Honourable Mention

Les Sauteurs
Abou Bakar Sidibé, Estephan Wagner, Moritz Siebert


Biberstein Gusmão Award (for emerging authors)
Artistic Residency at Moinho da Fonte Santa

Abou Bakar Sidibé
for Les Sauteurs
(codirected by Estephan Wagner e Moritz Siebert)


School Trip Award
Award for the best film in the School Trip Competition

Bernardo Bordalo, Bruno Lança, Rui Oliveira
Escola das Artes, Universidade Católica Portuguesa (Porto)


Teenage Award
Award given by a group of students of Porto schools for the best film in a group of films of several programmes. 

Cláudia Varejão


Honourable Mention

Under The Sun
Vitaly Mansky




Competition Jury

Cornelia Lund
Cornelia Lund is a scholar and curator of art and media, living in Berlin. Since 2004, she co-directs "Fluctuating Image" and "The Audiovisual Breakthrough", platforms dedicated to Media Arts and Design. She is a collaborator and researcher at several German universities and since 2004 she is also a member of the DokArt Hamburg initiative, focused on documentary film.

Matthieu Orléan
Matthieu Orléan is a programmer and artistic collaborator in the French Cinematheque, where he is curator responsible for several exhibitions, such as "¡Almodóvar: Exhibition!", "Dennis Hopper et le Nouvel Hollywood" and "Le monde enchanté de Jacques Demy". He is the author of "Paul Vecchiali, La Maison cinema", of Editions de l'œil, 2011.

Isabel Capeloa Gil
Dean of the Catholic University of Portugal, Isabel Capeloa Gil is, since 2010, the director of the Masters and PhD in Culture Studies at the same University. She studied in Lisbon, Munich and Chicago and has several national and international publications on women's studies, cultural theory and visual culture. She is also an Invited Professor and Researcher at several universities in Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Ireland and the United States.

Leonor Teles
With a degree in Cinema from Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema and a Master in Audiovisual and Multimedia from Escola Superior de Comunicação Social, Leonor Teles is one of the emerging values of Portuguese cinema. With "Balada de Um Batráquio", she won the Golden Bear for best short film in the 66th Festival of Berlin. He also directed "Rhoma Acans", an award-winning film at various festivals such as Clermont-Ferrand, Munich and IndieLisboa. In addition to the jury, Teles will participate in the first edition of the School Trip Mini in Porto/Post/Doc 2016.

Joana Pimenta
A visual artist with work in film and video, Joana Pimenta has presented her works in several places, such as the Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts, Fundação Botín, Galeria da Boavista and The Pipe Factory, among others. With "The Figures Carved into the Knife by the Sap of the Banana Trees", she received the award of best short film in IndieLisboa '14 and was present in other festivals, namely in the Toronto International Film Festival, New York Film Festival, Jihlava, among others. Her most recent film is "Um Campo de Aviação", which had world premiere at the last Locarno Festival. She is an associate member of the Film Study Center and the Sensory Ethnography Lab.


Shool Trip Competition Jury

Eryk Rocha
Son of mythical Brazilian director Glauber Rocha and the artist Paula Gaitán, Eryk Rocha has a filmography full of documentary films, where he has analyzed the Brazilian identity. His latest film, "Cinema Novo", had world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival and is an essential documentary about the movement that changed Brazilian cinema.

Andrés Duque
Recognized Venezuelan filmmaker, he currently resides in Barcelona. In 2011, he made his first feature entitled "Color perro que huye", which premiered at the Rotterdam International Film Festival and won the Public Award at the Punto de Vista Festival. In 2012, he was one of the guests of the prestigious Flaherty Seminar in the United States. In 2013, he received the City of Barcelona Award for his film "Ensayo final para utopía". His most recent film is "Oleg y las raras artes".

Joana Machado
Joana Machado (1978, Porto) holds a post-graduation in History and Aesthetics of Electronic Art (2004) from Mecadi/Esdi, in Barcelona, where she studied under Siegfried Zielinski and Claudia Giannetti, and a degree in Communication Design (2002) from the University of Porto Fine-Arts School (FBAUP). Joana Machado is the Art Director of the design studio Colönia where she works in the realms of photography and video. Parallel to the Studio, she develops independent work experimenting with narrative proposals in between disciplines.


Teenage Jury
Academia Contemporânea do Espectáculo: Ana Leite, Clara Aires, Hugo Vasconcelos, João Félix.
Escola Artística de Soares dos Reis: Alexandra Neves, Beatriz Lopes, Beatriz Chaves, Inês Carneiro
Escola Artística e Profissional Árvore: Francisco Morgan Fernandes, Miguel Frei, Rui Filipe Pedro,  Priscila Sousa
Escola Secundária Clara de Resende: Ana Catarina Martins, Biliana Konstantinova Kostova, Luís Albuquerque, Maria Inês Pinto da Costa
Escola Profissional de Matosinhos (EPROMAT): Katharina Osório, Mariana Marinho.