Anonymous we all are

by Porto/Post/Doc / 12 11 2020

The cinema is also made of characters. Figures whose personal history, the look on the world or the voice they give to certain communities and memories interest to amplify through the big screen. In this list we go through the anonymous ones, the ones that could be our grandparents, the ones that remind us of the person next door, the ones that were next to the ones we all know and the ones that use their name to give us other looks. Paz, Manuel, Rowland S. Howard, Niño del Eche and Grandpa Gonçalves to meet here.

Perpetual Night, by Pedro Peralta
Wednesday, November 25th, 20h00, Rivoli (Integrated in the session Cinema Falado)

Castuera, Spain, April 1939. During the night, two Phalangist guards knock on the door of the house that Paz and her family use as a refuge. With no possibility of escape, she asks to breastfeed her newborn daughter for the last time.

, by José Oliveira and Marta Ramos
Monday, November 23th, 20h00, Rivoli

Manuel, a former colonial war fighter, is the protagonist of "War". The film takes us to discover the places that haunt the character - from the training quarters to the lakes and gardens of his youth and the moments in which he was in love - as well as the abysses of his memory, in which the battle between war and passion catalyses existential questioning.

Autoluminescent: Rowland S. Howard, by Lynn-Maree Milburn and Richard Lowenstein
Friday, November 27th, 18h00, Passos Manuel 

With recent interviews, others on file, and even new footage, Autoluminescent traces the life of Nick Cave's former bandmate, Rowland S. Howard, an Australian punk rock ghost. By capturing moments with the man himself, and intimate mysteries of those who met him backstage, these words and images shed light on what has always been a mysterious darkness.

When You Listen, by Sergi Cameron
Friday, November 27th, 20h15, Passos Manuel

The cantaor Niño de Elche goes to the heart of latin America to begin a journey to the roots of music, sound and experimentation, in search of the nature of artistic creation.  The documentary turns out to be a liberating performance alluding to El Niño, with the desire to escape from a society conditioned by canons and orthodoxy.

Hands Of Silver, by Catarina Gonçalves
Terça, 24 de novembro, 18h00, Passos Manuel (Integrated in the session Cinema Novo #2 Competition)

In March 2019 my grandfather was 20 years old. The following month he was 12. Last week he was 30.


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