New trends or the way youth kicks the status quo

by Porto/Post/Doc / 12 11 2020

What is this new generation that communicates and creates in a network and that has transported the music from the street to the streaming platforms, instagrams and other social networks? How did the subculture modulate the life it lived and how did they imagine themselves, in the full 60's, in a future still to be discovered? In what way do the generations of a time where identities have become a liquid reality live and overcome uncertainties? How many of us remember the long summer months and the first discoveries of love as yet barely pinched by the skepticism of adult life? Four films for four stories about youth, their ability to create new trends, the way they wander on the sidelines or deal with their own disappearance. 

American Rapstar
, by Justin Staple
Wednesday, November 25th, 20h15, Passos Manuel 

Facial tattoos, abuse of prescribed drugs, rebellious punk energy and early death. The story of SoundCloud rap: a new music scene of young rappers with extravagant and colorful style, sleepy rhymes and nebulous beats. The success was huge, but the scandals were even bigger.

They Call Us Misfits, by Stefan Jarl and Jan Lindkvist 
Thursday, November 26th, 15h00, Rivoli
Saturday, November 28th, 17h00, Rivoli

The first of Stefan Jarl's Mod Trilogy, this film documents the lives of two teenagers: Kenta and Stoffe. The film explores the ups and downs of the mod lifestyle in Stockholm, Sweden, in the 1960s with interviews with the two boys and their friends about their hedonistic way of life and expectations for the future. 

A Swedish Love Story
, by Roy Andersson
Friday, November 27th, 15h00, Rivoli
Saturday, November 28th, 20h00, Rivoli

Two teenagers meet and fall in love during the peak of an idyllic Swedish summer. Away from social boundaries, they innocently create their own space, in contrast to the distorted relationships, disillusionment and tiredness of adult life that surrounds them. 

, by João Monteiro
Tuesday, November 24th, 18h00, Passos Manuel (Integrated in the session New Cinema Competition #2)

"Príncipe" portrays a forgotten generation. A city, on the deck of international rehabilitation, where João walks with a fervent desire to leave.

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