Face to face: portrait cinema in the festival

by Porto/Post/Doc / 12 11 2019

Documenting reality through the lives and stories of people is the challenge posed by this selection of films that look at anonymous figures or personalities that have marked the history of cinema, music and photography, both inside and outside the boundaries. A set of films that intersect the several sections of the programming, this year dedicated to reflect upon identities.


Andrey Tarkovsky: A Cinema Prayer
Andrey A. Tarkovsky
2019, Italy, Russia Federation, Sweden, 97’

Zé Pedro Rock’n’Roll
Diogo Varela Silva
2019, Portugal, 110’

Um Punk Chamado Ribas
Paulo Miguel Antunes
2019, Portugal, 107’

Sol Negro
Laura Huertas Millán
2016, Spain, 43’

Gürcan Keltek
2018, Turkey, 34’

Sério Fernandes - O Mestre da Escola do Porto
Rui Garrido
2019, Portugal, 75’

The Unexposed
Ana Marta Dias
2019, Portugal, 50’

Júlio Alves
2019, Portugal, 65’

Shooting The Mafia
Kim Longinotto
2019, Ireland, USA, 94'

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