A festival, a graphic identity

by Studio Dobra / 12 11 2019

The notion of identity. The genre and it's thousand and one derivations. What defines us, what we want to define us, what others see and how they identify us. These starting points led us to the beginning of this millennium and to the persistence of living attached to a collage of identities that aroused back in the last century. From TV series to music, to art and architecture, we have lived the last 20 years without desiring new ones.

"The first decade of the twenty-first century appears to belong to the collagist, for whom the creative act is not invention from scratch but rather the collecting, cutting and pasting of the already extant".
— Collage Culture. Examining the 21st Century's Identity Crisis.

Based in Porto, Studio Dobra is responsible for all the association and festival's graphic image, including the creation of the logo. Collaborate with Porto/Post/Doc since 2014.

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