Real is (also) political at Porto/Post/Doc

by Porto/Post/Doc / 12 11 2019

In a year that we celebrate identities, both in their affirmations and limits, Porto/Post/Doc brings together a set of films that, by real and fictionalized histories, question the way politics organizes and determines the daily life of citizens. Censored films that are a window into the refreshing modernity of Moroccan society in the 1970s, accounts of the black community's, LGBTI+ revolution struggles, surviving images of Palestine's representations, and a critical revisit of Francoism's foundations, in a Spain that today is burning in the streets, are some of the gateway to the real. Off-screen, there is still space to discover the avant-garde protest of Sereias' music, a collective from Porto that presents their debut album, "O País a Arder", as part of the festival, in a concert that recovers archival images of the period after the revolution (Ongoing Revolutionary Process) in the city of Porto.


De Quelques évènements sans signification
Mostafa Derkaoui
1974, Morocco, 76'

Off Frame AKA Revolution Until Victory
Mohanad Yaqubi
2016, Palestine, France, Qatar, Lebanon, 62'

Longa Noite
Eloy Enciso
2019, Spain, 90'

Coffee Colored Children
Ngozi Onwurah
1988, United Kingdom, 16’

Portrait of Jason
Shirley Clarke
1967, USA, 105’

O País a Arder
2019, Portugal, 60'

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