Open call for professional and general accreditations

by Porto/Post/Doc / 15 09 2018

Porto/Post/Doc 2018 is coming! With some of the program already announced and another in the final stage of preparation, the festival officially opens the period of applications for accreditation and purchase of Free Pass.

Request your accreditation by clicking on the following button:

eventival black accredited

Fee-free (requires approval)

50,00 € (50% discount for students and over 65)
By buying an accreditation you're becoming a member of the association, being able to attend for free all the sessions of the festival and Há Filmes na Baixa!

Required documents: digital passport photo (140px by 110px; tiff or jpg)

We will process the request as soon as possible and after check that a payment has been made for the accreditation fee. Due to the high number of request, the process may take a few days until be completed. Accreditation can be picked up at the festival's Guest Office from 23 November. Free access to all cinema sessions.


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