Cinema in portuguese in the rentrée of Há Filmes na Baixa!

by Porto/Post/Doc / 01 09 2018

Portuguese-speaking cinema will be highlighted during the rentrée of Há Filmes na Baixa!, which will feature two movie sessions. In the first, five very short Portuguese short films will be screened in a session in partnership with Curtas Vila do Conde - International Film Festival. In the second, we will end the partnership with DocLisboa and the 6.doc initiative, screening the award-winning documentary "Martírio" by Vicent Carelli.

On September 12, Cinema Passos Manuel will host a session of national short films, presenting some of the diversity of recent Portuguese production, with five films of very recent debut. Two of them: Ana Moreira's "Aquaparque" and André Puertas and Ana Oliveira's "A ver o Mar" won important prizes in the last Curtas Vila do Conde (Best Portuguese Director Award / Best European Short Film Award and Best Prize Take One !, respectively).

On the 19th, there are Films Down! welcomes the last session of 6.doc, a program established in partnership with Doclisboa. "Martírio", by Vincent Carelli, portrays the forces of repression set up by farmers and landowners on the Guarani Kaiowá group, one of the largest indigenous populations in Brazil. 

September's Cycle

10:00 p.m., Cinema Passos Manuel

September 12
Curtas Portuguesas
(partnership with Curtas Vila do Conde)
With the presence of the directors.
Total screening: 91'

Aquaparque, by Ana Moreira
A Ver o Mar, by Ana Oliveira and André Puertas
Declive, by Eduardo Brito
Água Forte, by Mónica Baptista 
 by João Vladimiro

September 19
Martírio, by Vincent Carelli
2016, BRA, 162’
Within the program 6.doc (partnership with Doclisboa)

The great march of reconquest of the sacred territories of the guarani kaiowá since the birth of the movement in the 1980s: the peaceful and obstinate insurgency of the dispossessed against the powerful agribusiness apparatus.

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