by Porto/Post/Doc / 17 11 2017

Cinefiesta is, as the title says, cinema's fiesta (party). A section of the festival exclusively dedicated to the contemporary Spanish cinema that risks the boundaries between the genres documentary and fiction. Five cartes blanches to five Spanish film festivals: Play-Doc, Curtocircuíto, SACO, Filmadrid and Novos Cinemas, among short movies and films. 

Una Vez Fuimos Selvajes by Carmen Bellas, El Jurado, Mi Hermana y Yo, Lo Que Tú Dices Que Soy and Improvisaciones de Una Ardilla by Virginia García del Pino, El Nombe de los Árboles by Ramón Lluís Bande, Inausketa and Entzungor by Ander Parody and also El Desencanto by Jaime Chavarri are the films selected by the programmers of our neighbour country, that will show up in the festival to present the sessions, along with the directors. The main idea of this section is that each festival, or the programmer, promotes the work of a specific and familiar director, reinforcing the link between programmers and directors themselves. In this way, in the end of each session there will be a conversation and a Q&A. 

Promoted in partnership with Acción Cultural Española and the Spanish festivals, Cinefiesta has become an habitué of the festival stimulating and reinforcing the international links of Porto/Post/Doc. Shorts and films, documentary and fiction, with daily and free screenings at Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade do Porto (except El Desencanto, that will be screened at Auditório Isabel Alves Costa, Teatro Municipal do Porto – Rivoli).

 Screening sessions:
- Una Vez Fuimos Selvajes
- El Jurado
- Mi Hermana y Yo
- Lo Que Tú Dices Que Soy
- Improvisaciones de Una Ardilla
- El Nome de los Árboles
- Inausketa
- Entzungor, Ahuntzaren Gauerdiko Eztula
- El Desencanto


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