About Don Letts

by Pedro Tenreiro / 16 11 2017

Director, DJ and musician, Don Letts is a man with story that has been dedicated his life to History.

Since the time that, as Roxy's DJ, transformed the jamaican music into one of the most proficuous influences of punk generation, contributing for the sonority of close friends as The Clash, Slits or P.I.L., and being in the genesis of bands such as Basement 5, until the innumerable documentaries that has directed, but also as videoclip's director, Don Letts helped to mold the history of modern music and at the same tried to perpetuate the culture(s) that sustain(es) it through films.

Few people have portrayed like him the almost tribal evolution of the most subterranean young cultural movements of urban routes, in England, and the role of the mass migration and respective descendants from ex-colonies in Occidental India had in its origin.

As you can confirm in The Don Letts Subculture Films - The Unique Story of British Music & Street Style, film that has directed for Fred Perry and that will be screened at Porto/Post/Doc, Don Letts frames, masterly, every aspects of the young culture and its counter-ruled forms of expression, its social basis or its political fundaments, wether its musical reflex or stylistic code.

Teddy Boys, Rockers, Mods, Skinheads, Soulies, Punk and all that this continuous revolution has inspired in the urban modern culture was exhaustively portrayed by Don Letts that, at a certain time, was there, where the creation lives.

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