Arché: Selected Projects

by Porto/Post/Doc / 15 11 2017

Arché is a laboratory of professional activities, aimed at directors, producers and other professionals of cinema, which wants to provide tools, as well as moments of reflection and training for the creation of new projects. Created in partnership with DocLisboa, Arché will have a workshop for projects under development, both in the initial phase and in the post-production phase, during Porto/Post/Doc 2017.

The selected projects are:
- 10/7, de Xoel Méndez
- A Olhar Para Ontem, de Nevena Desivojevic
- Lucefece, de Ricardo Leite
- El Silencio Heredado, Lucía Dapena González
- El Rito del Conocimiento, Bruno Ojeda

The tutor of this workshop is Irene G. Torres and a prize will be awarded (artistic residence at Moinho da Fonte Santa) for the best project by a jury composed by: Jean-Pierre Rehm (FID Marseille director), Beli Martínez (Galician producer) and Daniel Ribas (co-director of Porto/Post/Doc).

The Arché workshop runs from November 29 to December 2, during Porto/Post/Doc.

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