Coliseu Porto Ageas and PPD promote Brazilian Documentary Film Exhibition

by Porto/Post/Doc / 07 09 2022

Between September 7th and November 15th, Coliseu Porto Ageas will promote a special programming cycle that celebrates the 200 anniversary of Brazilian independence. As part of the proposals for MPB - Movimento Porto Brasil, Porto/Post/Doc, in partnership with Coliseu, will present a selection of films that reflect on the enormous diversity and richness of Brazilian music and culture. The Brazilian Documentary Film Exhibition will take place fortnightly and, in addition to the exhibition of documentaries, will propose a cycle of roundtables to reflect on the themes launched by the films. The first screening will take place on September 21, at 7 pm, with My name is now, Elza Soares, about the Brazilian music diva, who died earlier this year. Os Doces Bárbaros (October 4th), Manguebit (October 21st), Fevereiros (November 2nd) and Chico: Artista Brasileiro (November 15th) complete the program.


September 21st
My name is now, Elza Soares, by Elizabete Martins Campos (2018)
Round table with Renata Portas and João Gobern and moderation by Mónica Guerreiro

October 4th
The Sweet Barbarians, by Jom Tom Azulay (1977)
Round table with Luca Argel and Gabriela Gonçalves and moderation by Pedro Nascimento

October 21st
Manguebit, by Jura Capela (2022)
Roundtable with Galiana Brasil, Julianji Matti and Jé Oliveira and moderation by Jorge Louraço Figueira

November 2nd
Fevereiros, by Marcio Debellian (2017)
Round table with Denise Pollini, Raquel Ribeiro and moderation by Raquel Guerra

November 15th
Chico: Artista Brasileiro, by Miguel Faria Jr. (2015)
Round table with Leonardo Bianchini and Gustavo Silvamaral and moderation by Dario Oliveira

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