Thematic program around Neurodiversity announced

by Porto/Post/Doc / 05 09 2022

What happens to human brains that don't think normatively?
What Does It Mean to Be Neurodivergent?

The Neurodiversity programme will include the films: Jaime, directed by António Reis; Les enfants d'Isadora, directed by Damien Manivel; Pára-me De Repente o Pensamento, directed by Jorge Pelicano; Solo, directed by Artemio Benki; and Super Natural, directed by Jorge Jácome. Alongside these screenings , the theme of Neurodiversity will also integrate Fórum do Real debate sessions, whose programme and invited speakers will be announced later.

Since the 1990s, social movements associated with neurological differences have flourished and contributed to a change in the social paradigm. There are authors who began to speak of neurological “tribes” referring, for example, to autism or bipolar disorder. The increase in sociocultural manifestations which have accompanied this trend - where cinema has a particular place - have contributed to fighting stigma, reducing the idea of cure or shame and raising awareness for the valorisation of skills associated with human diversity.. Despite this evolution, resistance to the idea of multidisciplinarity and transdisciplinarity between social movements has persisted due to a tendency towards morality or even the lack of concepts that can bring together the various social movements.

This resistance has led to a general lack of discussion and critical thinking. In the late 90s, Judy Singer and Harvey Blume started a debate around a new concept that seems to have the potential to create an intense and fruitful dialogue – neurodiversity. Currently, we may question whether we are facing a new sociocultural movement as neurodiversity understands that there is no normal neurological type, but rather a spectrum of variations as complex and diverse as genes, ecosystems or species. According to neurodiversity, autism, bipolar disorder, dyslexia, Down's syndrome , schizophrenia, ADHD and many other neurological differences are, above all, human characteristics that should simply be respected like any other difference.

Porto/Post/Doc is back in the city between the 16th and 26th of November. The focus program We, The Revolution - Cinema and Politics in the works of Márta Mészáros and Miklós Jancsó, was already announced.


Jaime, António Reis, 1974, DOC, 35’
Les enfants d'Isadora, Damien Manivel, 2019, FIC, 84’
Pára-me de Repente o Pensamento, Jorge Pelicano, 2014, DOC/FIC, 101
Solo, Artemio Benki, 2021, DOC, 84’
Super Natural, Jorge Jácome, 2022, DOC, 85’

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