Porto/Post/Doc Schooltrip is already on the road

by Porto/Post/Doc / 28 04 2022

The annual plan of activities in schools, promoted by Porto/Post/Doc Schooltrip Program, is already on the road. Continuing the work started in 2016, addressed to building relationships between the festival and the school communities of Porto Metropolitan Area, PPD will, over the next few months, organize a set of thematic workshops which propose new learning around cinema.

Two workshops are already underway at Escola Secundário Eça de Queiróz, in Póvoa de Varzim. Started on the 7th of April and running until the 2nd of June, the Video-Letters workshop, guided by André Oliveira and Matilde Ramos, aims to produce written and filmed letters based on the experience that each student has of their city and its everyday stories. Starting on May 3, the Passos na Cidade workshop challenges students to map their city, identifying their daily routes, with the aim of creating an animated collective map. 


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