Award Winning Films Screenings

by Porto/Post/Doc / 28 11 2021

The extra sessions for this year's award-winning films are already scheduled. This Monday, November 29th, we return to Cinema Passos Manuel, at 10 pm, for the screening of the winners of the Cinema Falado and Cinema Novo Competitions. On display will be Distopia, the film directed by Tiago Afonso, which portrays the gentrification process of the urban center of Porto in the last ten years, as well as Fruto do Vosso Ventre, a short film by Fábio Silva in which the director revisits some of the memories and stories of his childhood and growth.

On Tuesday, November 30th, it's time to reinstate the winner of the Vicente Pinto Abreu Prize, The Last Shelter, a documentary by Ousmane Samassekou about the Casa dos Migrantes, located on the edge of the Sahel desert.

Tickets are already on sale at the online box office (here), and can also be purchased at the door of Cinema Passos Manuel.

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