Unique sessions not to be missed at this year’s festival

by Porto/Post/Doc / 14 11 2021

We call them special sessions because they include single screenings, out-of-competition premieres or activities that bring together cinema and other artistic areas. In this year's selection you can find Portuguese artists and public figures, sessions where cinema meets gastronomy and music and films about other films.

This is a session that opens a dialog with our opening ceremony. Sobre Maria do Mar is directed by Manuel Mozos and closely follows the process of creation, recording and restoration of the film Maria do Mar, by Leitão de Barros. The film is screened in a single session on Sunday, November 21st, at Passos Manuel. This session is co-hosted by the FILMar project, operated by the Cinemateca Portuguesa - Museu do Cinema, within the scope of the EEAGrants 2014-2021 program. 

Our desire to propose sessions that cross cinema and cuisine is not new. In Prato/Post/Pato, two arts come together: that of images and that of flavors. Scheduled for Wednesday, November 24, at Sala Estúdio Perpétuo, this session begins with the screening of Pato Pathos, a film about the 40 years of work of Luís Pato, oenologist and wine producer who revolutionized the Bairrada wine. After the film, the stage becomes the space for a tasting dinner that brings together the new school of gastronomy from Porto, represented by Chef Tânia Durão (Atrevo), with the traditional school of Bairrada, through the renowned Mugasa Restaurant of Chef Ricardo Nogueira. The dinner+film pack has a limited capacity and can be purchased for €80 euros. Applications can be made by sending an email to ana.spot@gmail.com.

Still on the subject of gastronomy, an inevitable highlight is the preview by Ljubomir Stanišić – Coração na Boca, an intimate and personal portrait of the human and professional path of one of the most popular chefs in Portuguese haute cuisine. The unique session takes place on Sunday, November 21st, at Rivoli.

He is one of the regular figures on the festival's competitive programs. Rodrigo Areias is perhaps one of the most prolific national filmmakers and, in November, he premieres here A Arte da Memória, a film in which we follow the artistic processes and creative practice of three major names in Portuguese and Brazilian contemporary art: Daniel Blaufuks, Pedro Bastos and José Rufino. The session will take place at Sala Estúdio Perpétuo, on Friday, November 26th.

The issue of gentrification is one of the most pressing public debates in the country's larger cities. In Do Bairro, Diogo Varela Silva takes us through the streets, people and stories of some of the “most typical” neighborhoods of Lisbon. A sad symphony for the sunset of a city invaded by tourism. It takes place on Saturday, November 27, at the Sala Estúdio Perpétuo.

When celebrating the 80th anniversary of Eunice Muñoz's career, Tiago Durão signs a touching and delicate documentary that works as a “gift” in the form of a film by Eunice to her granddaughter, Lídia Muñoz, who is also an actress. A window into the intimacy of what is known as the “great lady of Portuguese theatre”. Eunice Ou Carta a Uma Jovem Actriz screens on Saturday, 27, at Rivoli, and Sunday, 28, at Sala Estúdio Perpétuo. Tickets for Rivoli available here.

To close with a golden key, a premiere in Porto: As Filhas do Fogo, a multidisciplinary show that brings together filmmaker Pedro Costa and Músicos do Tejo. On the 30th, at 9.30 pm, at Coliseu AGEAS. Tickets available here


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