2020 Reviewed

by Porto/Post/Doc / 01 02 2021

In 2020, Porto/Post/Doc innovated and expanded, this time beyond physical borders, presenting an online version of the programme. In addition, the festival once again occupied the halls of Teatro Municipal do Porto - Rivoli, Cinema Passos Manuel and Planetarium of Porto, in an edition that was marked by the fusion between digital and face-to-face. 

In the programme dedicated to the theme The After City, we rediscovered cinema classics and contemporary works that set the tone to the discussion that occupied the three panels of the Fórum do Real. For the first time, the section Cinema Falado became competitive, guaranteeing the attribution of a prize for productions of films spoken in Portuguese, in a particularly difficult year for the film industry. We explore the contemporary history of America through the figures of David Byrne and Martin Luther King and rediscover lost pearls of Portuguese cinema such as "O Movimento das Coisas", by Manuela Serra, or "A Invenção do Amor", by António Campos. We also strengthened links with other national cinematographies, especially Spanish.

In parallel, we discovered contemporary cinema through an international competition that unfolded in origins, themes and formats, and a competition dedicated to student films because, after all, the future doesn't wait. 

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