"Memories of City" exhibition starts today

by Porto/Post/Doc / 24 11 2020

Today, at 5 p.m., the exhibition "Memories of City", by Martin Parr, starts at The Cave Photography.

More than twenty years later, a cosmopolitan gaze over the rurality and religiosity still very present at the time in the Minho region comes to life, playing, as usual, with the first and second planes. "The After City" - programme of the Porto/Post/Doc festival that this exhibition is part of - is not the city of the past, it is not the city of the future and it is not some post-city idea. It is the city that subsists and constantly reinvents itself from the gaze of those who inhabit it or walk around it and those who always register it from a certain prism. What remains, after Martin Parr's exhibition, is still Braga.

The Cave Photography
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