BPI, "la Caixa" Foundation and PPD together to show real stories

by Porto/Post/Doc / 17 11 2020

BPI and "la Caixa" Foundation are gathering, this year, with Porto/Post/Doc, film festival that will take place in Invicta between the 20th and 29th of November. As sponsors of the event, BPI and "la Caixa" Foundation support the cinema and national cultural production, in a particularly difficult year for agents, promoters and artists. In this seventh edition, the festival of Porto once again proposes a comprehensive programme, with more than 60 films, in a look at the real histories of contemporary cinema and the memories of the classics. A festival committed to the strong themes of today, but also to the diversity of artistic and cultural languages, the unveiling of other cultures and new opportunities for the youngest directors.

Taking place in double face-to-face format, at Rivoli, Passos Manuel and Planetário do Porto, but also online, through a film rental platform, Porto/Post/Doc is also committed to the cinemas, key spaces in the cultural growth of the country and focal identity points for the city of Porto. 

Dario Oliveira highlights the thematic programme, The After City, consisting of a film programme and a series that present the city on a cinematic journey through the 20th century. "The city as a refuge, the dream of happiness and comfort, the city of affections, the progressive abandonment of urban space and the new urbanities in the suburbs" will be some of the ideas under discussion, he says.

The "la Caixa" Foundation began its implementation in Portugal in 2018, as a result of BPI's entry into CaixaBank. In 2019, the Foundation earmarked 20 million euros for social, research, educational and cultural and scientific dissemination projects, maintaining its commitment to achieve an investment of up to 50 million euros per year in the coming years, when all its programmes are up and running.

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