The Stories of History in the Porto/Post/Doc Programming

by Porto/Post/Doc / 11 11 2020

Portraits of events that marked the world, new revelations for old struggles and resistances, the place of music and culture in the fight against fascism, episodes of the life of anonymous and the police persecution of timeless leaders are some of the challenges proposed by a handful of films from this year's Porto/Post/Doc selection. Cinematic history as an essential space in preserving memory, building feelings of belonging and revolution.

Sandlines, The Story of History, by Francis Alÿs
Monday, November 23th, 15h00, Rivoli

It is one of the national debut works in the International Competition of the festival, this fiction by Francis Alÿs about some of the most significant moments in Iraqi history, from the Sykes-Picot agreement in 1916 to the influence of the Islamic State terrorism in 2016. Surrounded in the mountains of Mosul with a group of children from a local village, Sandlines, The Story of History recreates a century of the country's history to understand its present. 

Days of Cannibalism, by Teboho Edkins
Tuesday, November 24th, 20h30, Rivoli

Western contemporary documentary, "Days of Cannibalism" takes place against the backdrop of the emerging relationship between China and Africa. Filmed in a remote and borderline rural region of southern Africa, the film follows the arrival of new settlers - economic migrants from China - whose presence in the country is beginning to draw other balances of power.

Of Land and Bread, by Ehab Tarabieh
Tuesday, November 24th, 15h00, Rivoli

In "Of Land and Bread", Ehab Tarabieh compiles a series of vignettes about daily Palestinian life under Israeli occupation. A film that gathers videos captured by Palestinians and exposes, in the simplest, crudest and most effective way, the daily, repeated and relentless abuses committed by both the illegal settlers and the Israeli army.

MLK/FBI, by Sam Pollard
Friday, November 27th, 19h00, Rivoli

Based on recently released files, Sam Pollard's resounding film exposes the United States government's surveillance and harassment of Martin Luther King Jr. King's life was cut short at 39, but J. Edgar Hoover's reign in the FBI would last 48 years. In today's America, the legacies of both can continue to be seen in a new wave of protests and setbacks.

Re-Existences, by Márcia Belotti
Monday, November 23th, 18h00, Passos Manuel (Inserted in the session New Cinema Competition #1)

"Re-Existences" is a documentary about migration stories of individuals from the Brazilian queer community.

White Riot, by Rubika Shah
Thursday, November 26th, 20h15, Passos Manuel

Great Britain, late 1970s. The punk is exploding. The country is divided over immigration and the National Front, a fascist party, is gaining strength. Outraged by a racist speech by Eric Clapton, photographer Red Saunders writes a letter to the music press calling for rock to be a force against racism. NME, Melody Maker and Sounds: everyone publishes the letter.

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