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by Porto/Post/Doc / 11 11 2020

How to keep alive the idea of a community in a world living in isolation? Celebrating the common and the encounter, the shared experiences and the scars that bind us to others, this is the proposal of this list of films that, from Porto to the Andes, photographs life habits, customs and daily routines, reminding us about how those around us are also part of our identity. 

Our Land, Our Altar, by André Guiomar
Monday, November 23th, 20h30, Rivoli

“Our Land, Our Altar” witnesses the last daily routines of the inhabitants of the Aleixo neighbourhood, marked by the tension of a forced fate. Between the fall of the first and the last tower, the process of demolition of the neighbourhood dragged on for years. Forced to accept the end of their community, they watch helplessly as their past is slowly disfigured.

Dark City: Beneath The Beat, by TT the Artist
Tuesday, November 24th, 20h15, Passos Manuel

A true audiovisual experience that defines the soundscape of the city of Baltimore, this film highlights local artists linked to club music, such as DJs, dancers and producers, among others. From the city's social climate to its LGBTQ creative community, Dark City presents Baltimore's club movement as a positive subculture in a city overshadowed by trauma, drugs and violence.

Lonely Rock, by Alejandro Telémaco Tarraf
Wednesday, November 25th, 17h30, Rivoli

In the remote mountains of Argentina, in a small community at an altitude of 4,000 meters, a mud shepherd follows the tracks of an invisible puma responsible for killing its cattle. Through his incessant search, there is a mystical encounter that reveals itself between man, his ancestors and the mutable form of the puma.

Air Conditioner, by Fradique
Thursday, November 26th, 16h00, Passos Manuel

In Luanda, the air conditioners mysteriously start to fall from buildings. Matacedo's mission, safety, is to repair one of the machines. His search marks the starting point for a film about the history of this city and the people who try to rebuild their lives after the civil war.

The Movement Of Things, by Manuela Serra
Thursday, November 26th, 20h30, Rivoli

Stories of daily life and silence in a northern village. The countryside, the bread, the chickens and old stories of gestures savored in mineralogical words. A family of ten children in a farm plunges into the largesse of time. Further away, the water of the river inhabited by people, the sun, the village square, the meal, the Sunday mass, the fair. In these fragments of scenery, Isabel moves.

Jamaika, by Alexander Sussman
Monday, November 23th, 18h00, Passos Manuel (integrated in the New Cinema Competition #1)

João, a handyman from an immigrant neighbourhood in Lisbon, is forced to face a new life after the re-housing of the community.

Work Or To Whom Does The World Belong, by Elisa Cepeda
Tuesday, November 24th, 14h30, Rivoli 

A housing neighbourhood again becomes a battlefield for confrontation between police and demonstrators. After the failure of the last strike, workers have to choose between action or give in to apathy. Through the prism of ethno-fiction, the film portrays a mining community as it negotiates the decline of the industry that allowed its own emergence.


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