Porto/Post/Doc reinforces awards and national programming in 2020

by Porto/Post/Doc / 28 10 2020

In a particularly complicated year for national production, Porto/Post/Doc reinforces the awards for national and Portuguese speaking competitions. The 2020 edition, to take place between the 20th and 29th of November, will show 25 films produced by Portuguese or from Portuguese-speaking countries. The two competitions, Cinema Novo and Cinema Falado, will group a large part of this program in a selection of 19 feature and short films of recent production.

Mariana Caló and Francisco Queimadela, Pedro Peralta, Raquel Castro, José Oliveira and Marta Ramos are some of the names with works in competition to the SPAutores - Cinema Falado Award, which this year will award 3000 euros to its winner. In the theatre, stories will be told about the colonial imaginary of Portuguese cinema since the beginning of the 20th century (Ghosts of an Empire); Luanda after the civil war (Air Conditioner); sound, ecology, citizenship and equality of urban policies (SOA); the abysses of the memory of the colonial war fighters (War) and the story of Morillo Sanchez, wife of a republican executed by the Spanish Guard (Perpetual Night). There will also be space to follow the construction of ideas for a film through the Azores (What Is Not Seen), a sensory journey between imagination and nature through the movement of a family circle (A Dança do Cipestre) and visit the chaotic scenery of Brazil in the 1990s through the story of Clara, a girl who finds in anorexia a way to deal with the world around her (Êxtase).

Also competing for the Spoken Cinema award and integrated in the International Competition of the festival Our Land, Our Altar, by André Guiomar, and Departure, by Caco Ciocler. The first, a documentary shot in the Aleixo neighbourhood in Oporto, follows the process of eviction and destruction of the towers, in a close and moving portrait of the sense of belonging to a community. The second, a doc-fiction that follows a trip-discussion to Uruguay between a potential candidate for the presidency of the Republic of Brazil, from the left, and a Brazilian businessman, from the right. Both films will be presented at a national premiere.

In order to discover young talents, the Cinema Novo Competition brings together eleven short films made by Portuguese students or students from Portuguese higher education institutions, in a showcase of what is best done in film schools. Also in highlight is this year's national program for the premiere, in Porto, of The Movement of Things, Manuela Serra's recently recovered and restored lost work. The Movement of Things is the first and only film by the director and documents the daily life of the rural community of Lanheses, in the municipality of Viana do Castelo.

The new confirmations join the already announced programs The After City and Transmission. Porto/Post/Doc returns between the 20th and 29th of November in double format: room sessions at Rivoli, Passos Manuel and Planetário do Porto, and a parallel programming in VoD on the Shift72 platform. The total program of the event will be revealed in the next weeks.


SPAutores - Cinema Falado Award

A Dança do Cipreste, Mariana Caló, Francisco Queimadela, Portugal, 2020, DOC, EXP, 37'
Air Conditioner, Fradique, Angola, 2020, FIC, 72'
Êxtase, Moara Passoni, Brazil, 2020, DOC, 80'
Ghosts of an Empire, Ariel de Bigault, France, Portugal, 2020, DOC, 152'
War, José Oliveira, Marta Ramos, Portugal, 2020, DOC, 104'
Perpetual Night, Pedro Peralta, Portugal, France, 2020, FIC, 17'
What Is Not Seen, Paulo Abreu, Portugal, 2020, DOC, 24'
SOA, Raquel Castro, Portugal, 2020, DOC, 71'

Running for the SPAutores - Cinema Falado Award, but integrated in the selection of the International Competition
Our Land, Our Altar, André Guiomar, Portugal, 2020, DOC, 77'
Departure, Caco Ciocler, Brazil, 2019, DOC, 93'

The Movement of Things, Manuela Serra, Portugal, 1985, DOC, 86'

Cinema Novo Award by Canal 180

The Death of Isaac, Fábio Silva, Portugal, 2019, FIC, 7'
There’s Someone On Earth, Francisca Magalhães, Joana Tato Borges, Maria Canela, Portugal, 2019, DOC, 18'
Jamaika, Alexander Sussmann, Portugal, 2019, DOC, 14'
Just Like The Films, Sara N. Santos, Portugal, 2020, DOC, EXP, 10'
Hands of Silver, Catarina Gonçalves, Portugal, 2020, DOC, 12'
Descriptive Memory, Melanie Pereira, Portugal, 2020, DOC, 10'
The President Wears Nothing, Clara Borges, Diana Agar, Portugal, 2019, ANIM, DOC, 11'
Pedro's Home, Eneos Çarka, Portugal, 2020, DOC, 15'
Príncipe, João Monteiro, Portugal, 2019, FIC, 11'
Re-Existences, Márcia Bellotti, Portugal, 2020, DOC, EXP, 24'
Variations, Inês Pedrosa e Melo, USA, 2020, DOC, 12'

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