Porto/Post/Doc returns in November and looks at The After City

by Porto/Post/Doc / 16 10 2020

A date is already set for Porto/Post/Doc 2020. The festival will return to Oporto’s venues between the 20th and 29th of November. An edition that will have as its central theme The After City. The theme will focus on the conversation cycle of the Fórum do Real and will be the motto for a special films program that will include the work of Pedro Costa, António Campos, Chris Marker, among others. Having Rivoli - Teatro Municipal do Porto as its central venue, the event will still be taking place in other venues such as Passos Manuel and the Oporto Planetarium. Simultaneously, an online edition will occur, making a large part of the selection available in VoD.

The After City will design a program that looks at the transformations of cinematographic representation throughout cities over the last century, from the avant-garde frenzy of the crazy 1920’s to contemporary slow cinema. Progress, employment and the desire for "quality of life" characterised the idea of modernity in the city. But for every dream, there is always the moment of the “after”: after the rural exodus; after civil wars; after the crazy bourgeois years; after urbanisation; after gentrification and mass tourism; after successive political and economical crises; the city of the after has feelings - a couple is persecuted for having invented love. What is left over, in the end, is an alienated, numb, sanitised city. This will be the city - which is often no more than a simulacrum of a city - that will feed the discussion of the Forum of Real, which, this year, will include the participation of Boaventura de Sousa Santos (sociologist), Paulo Pires do Vale (philosopher), Ana Aragão (architect), Roger Koza (film critic), Pascale Cassagnau (art historian), Maria João Madeira (programmer), among others. In response to the new times, the forum will be held in an online format, being broadcast live and free on the festival's digital platforms.

In addition to the debate, the festival will also present a restricted film program also entitled The After City, where the aim is to portray some of the most unique approaches of the city through cinema, including "Invention of Love" by António Campos (1965), "Colossal Youth" (2006) by Pedro Costa, "Killer of Sheep" (1978) by Charles Burnett, "La Jetée" (1962) by Chris Marker, "Millennium Mambo" (2001) by Hou Hsiao-Hsien, and "The Exiles" (1961) by Kent Mackenzie, and some others.

The full program will be presented on the 3rd of November at a press conference. More information and details at www.portopostdoc.com. Porto/Post/Doc is carried out in partnership with the Porto City Council, with the support of the Ministry of Culture and the Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual and is sponsored by “la Caixa” / BPI Foundation.



Invention of Love, António Campos (1965)
Colossal Youth, Pedro Costa (2006)
Killer of Sheep, Charles Burnett (1978)
La Jetée, Chris Marker (1962)
Paris Qui Dort, René Clair (1925)
Millenium Mambo, Hou Hsiao-Hsien (2001)
The Exiles, Kent Mackenzie (1961)
Two Years At Sea, Ben Rivers (2011)
Bless Their Little Hearts, Billy Woodberry (1983)
City Dreamers, Joseph Hillel (2018)

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