CPH:DOX highlights Peter Mettler

by Porto/Post/Doc / 20 02 2018

Three films by Peter Mettler will feature the program of CPH:DOX, international film festival of Copenhagen, that will be held from March 15 to 25. In 2017, the Swiss-canadian director was in Porto/Post/Doc to join the focus Peter Mettler Expanded, about his work.

Besides "Gambling, Gods and LSD" and "Picture of Light", programmed by the Danish festival within the section Hits, CPH:DOX's program also includes the video-musical performance "Yoshtoyoshto", by Mettler, Franz Treichler (The Young Gods) and the anthropologist Jeremy Narby, also presented in the last edition of Porto/Post/Doc.

The most recent film by Mettler, "Becoming Animal", directed with Emma Davie, will be contesting in the international competition Dox:Award, side-by-side with "Extinction" (2018), co-directed by Salomé Lamas and Stanislav Danylyshyn. The latest film by the Portuguese director follows the documental essay style, handling questions of territory and identity, this time based on Transnistria, a frozen conflict zone inside Moldavian frontiers. In 2016, Lamas won the Great Prize by Vinhos Verdes at Porto/Post/Doc with "Eldorado XXI".

Matt Wolf, director of "Teenage" (2013) that has been screened at Há Filmes Na Baixa!, will also be present in the festival with "Wild Combination: A Portrait of Arthur Russell" (2008), within a section curated by the musical group The XX.

The program of CPH:DOX 2018 also includes "Makala", by Emmanuel Gras, winner of Jury Teenage Award in Porto/Post/Doc 2017.

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