6.doc starts on January 25 in Lisbon

by Porto/Post/Doc / 19 01 2018

In partnership with Porto/Post/Doc, Doclisboa presents, for the second time, 6.doc. The project aims to screen commercially six feature films shown in the last edition of the Lisbon festival, bringing them to Cinema Ideal (Lisboa) and Passos Manuel (Porto).

The program stars on January 25 in Lisbon, with the screening of "Faithfull", by Sandrine Bonnaire, documentary directed by the actress and dedicated to the British singer Marianne Faithfull. It will remain in exhibition until the end of the month.

There will be premiered a new film monthly and the program is already defined:  "Todas as Cartas de Rimbaud", by Edmundo Cordeiro about the Portuguese philosopher Maria Filomena Molder;  "No Intenso Agora", with João Moreira Salles telling about his youth experience in May 68 and music by the Portuguese Rodrigo Leão; "O Canto do Ossobó", familiar testimony in São Tomé e Príncipe, by Silas Tiny, and "Martírio", by Vincent Carell about the struggle of the native Guarani Kaiowá. The cycle ends up with "Spell Reel", by Filipa César, film that expresses the encounter between the director and the survivor archive of Guiné Bissau and that has been also screened in Porto/Post/Doc.

The cycle of 6.doc in Porto will integrate the regular program Há Filmes Na Baixa!. The dates will be soon announced. The monthly cycles will start in the end of February with a Best Of of the festival.

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