Focus Peter Mettler

by Catarina Maia, Daniel Ribas / 11 11 2017

Peter Mettler (born Canadian but also of Swiss nationality) is one of the leading figures in Canadian avant-garde cinema. Mettler began his career in Toronto in the 1980s, and has since made his mark on the history of world cinema. Mixing documentary, experimental film, personal essay and travel diary, Mettler's unusual work is an immersive investigation of the winding processes of human knowledge and reality.

His first film, Scissere (1982), centred on the pursuit of identity, was the first work of a film student to be selected for the Toronto International Film Festival. But the fulcrum of his work is in the three films that will be screened in this Focus. In them, Mettler deepens and perfects his method of interrogation about the world. From a look at some phenomena or particular inquiries - such as the aurora borealis, in Picture of Light, or time, in The End of Time - in Gambling, Gods, LSD we reach a line of free association and essays about what surrounds us, about the possibility of transcendence and the relation that, ultimately, cinema can have with us.

In recent years, Mettler has sought to develop another artistic line, which is beyond cinema, having even been involved in the creation of image mixing software for live performance. It will be a fruit of this aspect of his career that we will also see in this Focus: the performance Yoshtoyoshto, created along with the musician Franz Treichler, of The Young Gods, and the anthropologist Jeremy Narby.

Films to be screened:
Picture of Light
The End of Time
Gambling, Gods, LSD


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