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by Porto/Post/Doc / 25 11 2017

From the beginning, Porto/Post/Doc has always promoted and appreciated the relationship between music and cinema, that's why there is the section Transmission, exclusively dedicated to that subject. In this journey, one of the most important partnership established by the festival was with the local label Lovers & Lollypops, co-organising concerts of alternative music at Understage (Teatro Municipal do Porto – Rivoli), Passos Manuel and Maus Hábitos.

For the edition of 2017, the partnership promotes two concerts: Sundays & Cibele and TOMAGA. With a name influenced by the european cinematography but coming from Japan, Sundays & Cybele adopted a musical style from the Anglo-Saxon world: psychedelic rock from the 70s, that will be presented on 29th November, 11:00pm, at Maus Hábitos. The pair TOMAGA holds together the percussionist  Valentina Magaletti and the bass player and electronicist Tom Relleen. From United Kingdom, this firstly "anti-band" (as they self-titled them) converges psych rock and krautrock and will play on 1st December, 11:00pm, at Understage (Rivoli).

There will also be the performance Yoshtoyoshto, promoted by Swiss Films and Pro Helvetia, that brings together the musician Franz Treichler (from The Young Gods), the filmmaker Peter Mettler and the anthropologist Jeremy Narby. Inspired by a language from an Amazonian people, they created an improvisation that describes our world, its ambiguities and its interactions. This performance will happen on 2nd December, 10:00pm, at Cinema Passos Manuel. Each concert costs 5 euros. 

· Sundays & Cybele

· Yoshtoyoshto

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