Family Stories: September cycle in Há Filmes na Baixa!

by Porto/Post/Doc / 06 09 2017

After the August break, Porto/Post/Doc returns to a film cycle in September, under the motto of the family. Five films will be screened over two days, with different approaches to the family and how cinema can invent new bonds of affection. The first session will be dedicated to the Brazilian filmmaker based in Spain, Sergio Oksman, who Porto/Post/Doc already screened in one of its previous editions. In the second, three Portuguese short films, recently released in different festivals, will be screened.

On September 27, the Há Filmes na Baixa! presents a session dedicated to Sergio Oksman, a director who has achieved great notoriety with his last two films: A Story for the Modlins and O Futebol. In the case of the first film, it is one of the most accomplished fake documentaries of recent years. It is a story of the Modlin family and their rise and fall, from unlikely facts discovered in a series of objects found on the street. The film participated in many international festivals after its debut in Karlovy Vary, having received several prizes (among which, in Clermont-Ferrand and Curtas Vila do Conde). O Futebol is his latest film, a documentary in which Oksman returns to Brazil to watch the World Cup with his father. It is a story of discovery between two people who have almost never met. The film was part of Porto/Post/Doc 2015 after its premiere at the Locarno Festival. The exhibition of O Futebol is part of the partnership of Há Filmes na Baixa! with the 4.doc initiative of DocLisboa.

On September 28, we presented three Portuguese short films. Starting the session, O Homem Eterno is, a touching story of Luis Costa from images collected by his father (the film had its national debut in the last Curtas Vila do Conde). Then, Altas Cidades de Ossadas, João Salaviza's latest film, which debuted at the Berlin Festival and has gone through several international festivals. The short is starred by Karlon, a pioneer of Creole rap, here in search of his neighborhood memories. Finally, the session ends with Miguel Moraes Cabral's O Homem de Trás-os-Montes, a fiction about a crew shooting a film in Trás-os-Montes and their encounter with a mysterious man. The film premiered at IndieLisboa and was screened at the last Locarno Festival.

In 2017, we will continue to propose cinema cycles, at the monthly rate, providing hypotheses for the discovery of less known cinematographies or films that deserve new visibility. These cycles, which will have a thematic coherence, will extend the activity of Porto/Post/Doc, the festival that takes place at the end of November.


Cycle #06: Family Stories, September 2017
Cinema Passos Manuel, 22:00

September 27
A Story for the Modlins, Sergio Oksman
2012, ESP, 25’, M12
O Futebol, Sergio Oksman
2015, ESP, 75’, M12

September 28
O Homem Eterno, Luís Costa
2017, PRT, 15’, M12
Altas Cidades de Ossadas, João Salaviza
2017, PRT, 19’, M12
O Homem de Trás-os-Montes, Miguel Moraes Cabral 
2017, PRT, 29’, M12

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