Porto/Post/Doc presents a special focus on the archive and post-memory

by Porto/Post/Doc / 27 07 2017

The next edition of Porto/Post/Doc - which will run from November 28 to December 3, at Rivoli - Teatro Municipal and in Passos Manuel - will present a film programme focusing on the archive and post-memory. In a partnership with the CES (Center for Social Studies) of the University of Coimbra, and with its project Memoirs: Filhos de Império e pós-memórias europeias, with funding from the European Research Council, the festival will showcase very recent films that use material from the archive, deepening a debate about memory and the past. With the programme, the aim is to account for the use of the archive as a means of producing new documentary narratives and the preponderance of this method to interrogate the history of the twentieth century. In addition, this programme will focus on the use of the archive as a means of activating a post-memory, that is, a critical analysis done by new directors who have not seen the facts they are dealing with, but on which they activate a critic position and deconstruction of "official" memories. The most recent films by the South American filmmakers Paz Encina, with Ejercicios de Memoria, and Albertina Carri, with Cuatreros, and several Portuguese films, among them, the most recent work by Filipa César, Spell Reel, and short films by José Miguel Ribeiro and Raquel Schefer.

To follow this Focus, the Forum of the Real will be totally dedicated to the "Archive and Post-Memory", with several panels of filmmakers, writers, academics and artists. Among the participants will be some directors, such as Paz Encina, Albertina Carri, José Miguel Ribeiro or Filipa César (to be confirmed); The writer Paulo Faria (author of the book Estranha Guerra de Uso Comum, on the colonial war); the renowned Argentine cultural critic Jorge La Ferla; the scholars that deal with the archives Vicente Sanchez-Biosca and Maria do Carmo Piçarra (who have bent over the images of the Spanish and Portuguese dictatorships, respectively); and the director of ANIM - National Archive of the Moving Image, Tiago Baptista. In the Forum, we will discuss the archive and its implications in contemporary cinema, as well as the way we review, today, the images of the dictatorial and colonial past.

Porto/Post/Doc is composed of an international competition of 12 films and several parallel programmes, such as Transmission (cinema and music), Doc is the New Black (fashion & style), or Cinema Falado (Portuguese-spoken films). It also integrates an Educational Project, School Trip, directed to three age groups: children, adolescents and university students, which was developed in the last edition and will grow in 2017. Porto/Post/Doc will run from November 28 to December 3, screening films framing the real and its different dimensions.

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