The Host wins at Ponto de Vista

by Porto/Post/Doc / 22 03 2017

The documentary The Host, by Miranda Pennell, was awarded at Punto de Vista - International Documentary Film Festival of Navarre. The festival jury, composed by Alain Fleischer, Vivi Tellas, Aleksandr Balagura, Toby Lee and Daniele Dottorini, awarded the Best Film Award “for its ability to trace a film journey from the personal to the political context, delving into a colonial story whose consequences are still present today. For its formal rigour and use of archival material, represents an important boost to contemporary film”. 

Citing the director, “The Host is a film product of personal assay about the stories we tell about ourselves and others, the facts and fictions that we live from and their consequences”. The film was part of the Porto/Post/Doc 2016 International Competition, where we had the opportunity to talk with Miranda Pennell.

Also in Punto de Vista’s Official Selection were the the films Treblinka, by Sérgio Tréfaut, exhibited in one of Há Filmes na Baixa! Cycles in 2016, and Europe She Loves, by Jan Gassmann, also selected for Porto/Post/Doc 2016 International Competition.

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