Gabi, mellan åren 8 till 13

Gabi, Between Ages 8 and 13 · Gabi, Between Ages 8 and 13

Engeli Broberg

2021, SE, NO, 75', M12

International Competition 2021

25 Nov 2021 · TM Rivoli, Grande Auditório · 14H30

26 Nov 2021 · TM Rivoli, Pequeno Auditório · 16H30

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Who is Gabi? At eight years old, Gabi says "there is no difference between boys and girls". At ten, her parents move from Stockholm to a small rural village and Gabi ends up castrating herself to better integrate into the new school. At eleven, puberty and the fear of a body she can't control begins. Engeli Broberg's directorial debut bears witness to the difficulties and joys of a childhood liberated from gender norms.