Alínea A 2020

This project was created in 2013, and presents itself as a platform for the promotion of artistic creation and cultural development.
The purposes of this project are many and the most important is share and cultivate the taste for music (from the perspective of free sharing of art and information); produce musical works (promote direct interaction between djs, musicians, collectors, producers, promoters, developers, publishers and activists). The proximity of all these agents is very important: we keep the doors open to receive who presents to offer something relevant.

Alínea A manifests itself through live sessions (which are made available later on various digital platforms), cultural events and interventions with the primary purpose of bringing together all the agents.With this attitude in the music, art and social scene, we have want to have a positive cultural impact, consistent and be one of the front lines.

Alínea A is a non-profit cultural association.

Youtube Channel where lives will take place, here.