Histórias de Além Terra

Histórias de Além Terra · Histórias de Além Terra

Leonor Keil

2019, PT, 30', M12

Planetary Sessions 2019

24 Nov 2019 · Planetarium of Porto · 17H30

01 Dec 2019 · Planetarium of Porto · 17H30

“Having the universe as a stage was a challenge that immediately attracted me. When the challenge is achieved, the real flight comes and the perspective changes… The thought becomes more abstract, almost beyond my reach. It's a huge amount of space to fill, but it's inevitable to want to dive. The original text, by Regina [Guimarães], serves as my guiding thread. I and my team looked at the project as a work in progress, a path of experimentation, discovery and risk. The project involves new and unknown tools, a multitude of tasks yet to be learned. But our desire to project to a dome is great and we can dance upside down, like Fred Astaire or a drifting asteroid. Like the stage, the universe is an abyss” (Leonor Keil).

Oury Jeremy, Briot Antoine 
2019, France, 8’
Conscious Existence 
Marc Zimmermann 
2018, Germany, 12’  
Tommy Caron, Sarah Ouellet 
2019, Canada, 21’