Áróra · Áróra

Tommy Caron, Sarah Ouellet

2019, CA, 21', M12

Planetary Sessions 2019

24 Nov 2019 · Planetarium of Porto · 17H30

01 Dec 2019 · Planetarium of Porto · 17H30

An immersive experience about the beauty of auroras. Aróra is a journey across time and space to understand the science behind the phenomena and to experience the stories of our ancestors. This cinematic adventure invites the audience to join the dance of these eerie lights over remote Icelandic landscapes.

Oury Jeremy, Briot Antoine 
2019, França, 8’

Conscious Existence 
Marc Zimmermann 
2018, Alemanha, 12’
Histórias de Além Terra
Leonor Keil
2019, Portugal, 30’