Um Punk Chamado Ribas

Um Punk Chamado Ribas · A Punk Named Ribas

Paulo Antunes

2019, PT, 107', M12

Transmission 2019

01 Dec 2019 · Passos Manuel · 22H00

In Portugal, João Ribas is synonymous with punk: he boosted several important Portuguese bands, influenced generations of young musicians and crossed, as main figure, different waves of this musical and cultural movement in the country. Lead vocalist and guitarist for Tara Perdida, Ribas was also the founder of Censurados and Ku de Judas groups. "Um Punk Chamado Ribas", by Paulo Antunes, is a portrait of a man made by those who worked with him, with the participation of family and friends.

O Desvio
Tiago Afonso
2018, Portugal, 13’