Zé Pedro Rock’n’Roll

Zé Pedro Rock’n’Roll · Zé Pedro Rock’n’Roll

Diogo Varela Silva

2019, PT, 110', M12

Highlights 2019 / Transmission 2019

29 Nov 2019 · TM Rivoli, Grande Auditório · 21H30

Zé Pedro, the legendary guitarist of Xutos e Pontapés, is for many the greatest figure of Portuguese rock 'n' roll. He was one of the main boosters of this music genre in Portugal, not only as the founding guitarist of one of the most acclaimed national bands ever, but also by spreading rock in the roles of music critic, broadcaster and owner of the mythical club and concert hall, Johnny Guitar, where so many groups took their first steps. Combining personal and band archival footage with interviews with family and close friends, Zé Pedro Rock 'n' Roll documentary is both an honest tribute and an intimate journey into the life and world of the Portuguese musician who passed away in 2017.