School Trip Animate Space/ Discover Place 2019

The spaces where life takes place are places, in its true sense in which a place is characterized as a space with a distinct character. From ancient times the genius loci, the “spirit of the place”, has been recognized as a concrete reality that man has to deal with in his daily life. The role of the architect is precisely the creation of these meaningful places, helping man to live/ inhabit. Working on interdisciplinary interstices, Pedro Serrazina, filmmaker, and Luís Urbano, architect, led a workshop at Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade do Porto devoted to the use and construction of animated images as a way to look/ think the city and the gentrification process that affects the urban contemporary space. In addition, the festival also presents a carte blanche from Pedro Serrazina, within a session commented by the director, in dialogue with Francisco Ferreira and Luís Urbano.