Transmission 2019

Radio, live transmission, thus begins the lyrics of a Joy Division song and could be the motto of the 2019 edition of what is the most melodic section of Porto/Post/Doc. Curtis’ performances won’t be on focus but rather other founding members of the Manchester band and its subsidiary New Order in a documentary that portrays the groundbreaking work of post-punk British music. The director, Mike Christie, also brings us the story of another British band, this time from London: Suede. Not just focusing into the Anglo-Saxon musical universe, Transmission also traces the profound portrayal of Ryuichi Sakamoto's composer, man and political visions, before passing through the Portuguese universe with "Um Punk Chamado Ribas" or through the life of the nightclub bouncers in Berlin in the 1980s, a city divided by the Cold War. But there's more: stay tuned for this transmission.