Exposição Como o sol/ Como a noite

Exposição Como o sol/ Como a noite · Exhibition Como o sol/ Como a noite

2018, PT,

Exhibitions 2018 / Retrospective Reis/Cordeiro 2018

22 Nov 2018 · FBAUP · 18H00

Como o sol/ Como a noite revisits the work of António Reis and Margarida Cordeiro through different artistic approaches - from poetry to installation, painting, photography, through sculpture - by putting in dialogue works by established artists and emerging artists, filmmakers and writers. The exhibition has as its background the vast imaginary of the duo (including the poetry of António Reis, from which the title is removed): the connection to the land, the landscape, mythology and everyday life, but also other temporalities and spiritualities.

Collective exhibition with André Cepeda, Catarina Real, Daniel Blaufuks, Joana Patrão, João Queiroz, João Salaviza and Renée Nader Messora, Manuel de Freitas, Mariana Caló and Francisco Queimadela, Marta Mateus and Maria Capelo, Otelo M. F., Rui Chafes

22 Nov - 30 Nov
Opening: 22 November, 18h
Guided tour with the public and artists: 30 November, 15h

Timetable: 10h - 13h | 14h - 18h, Mon - Fri
oMuseu - Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto
Free entry 


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