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2018, PRT,

Industry 2018

01 Dec 2018 · TM Rivoli, Pequeno Auditório · 14H30

For the second consecutive year, Porto/Post/Doc receives Arché, a professional laboratory conducted in partnership with Doclisboa. Arché thus has a second edition in Porto, after its edition in Lisbon. The workshop, for projects in different stages of development and production, takes place from November 27 to December 1, in a partnership between the two festivals, and will be tutored by Luciano Rigolini. The purpose of this partnership is to broaden and encourage creative and collaboration networks and, on the other hand, to decentralize and bring the laboratory closer to contexts outside Lisbon, specifically the city of Porto and the northern region of the country. From this workshop will be a moment of presentation of the projects to film professionals. A jury of specialists present at the festival will choose one of the projects to receive a prize. Participants will be directors and producers from Portugal, Spain, Latin American countries and Portuguese-speaking countries, with projects at any stage of development. The Arché laboratory is complemented by a series of masterclasses and debates open to the general public.

Tue 27 to Fri 30 Hostel Selina
Presentation to Professionals Sat 1 Rivoli Auditório AIAC 14:30 

About the tutor
Luciano Rigolini is an independent producer and has lived in Paris since 1995. He was commissioning editor for the ARTE channel, responsible for the author's documentary. It has always sought new narrative forms, with the concern of keeping independent cinema alive and innovative. It has produced work by Chris Marker, Alexander Sokurov, Naomi Kawase, Alain Cavalier, Apichatpong Weerasethakul and Tsai Ming-Liang, and has also discovered many young talents. He is also currently teaching at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona.

In the context of Arché, three public masterclasses will be presented:
Masterclass with Marco Amaral: Colour Grading: fundamental principles of colour correction with examples of practical application in recent Portuguese films.
Masterclass with Matías Piñeiro: Screenwriting: narrative effects and narration techniques in contemporary cinema.
Masterclass with Tomás Baltazar: The Drawing of Time: approach to the effect of montage in the cinema; the confluence of visual, sound, figurative and narrative aspects, ordered in time.