Rosa de Areia

Rosa de Areia · The Sand Rose

António Reis, Margarida Cordeiro

1989, PRT, 88', M12

Retrospective Reis/Cordeiro 2018

01 Dec 2018 · TM Rivoli, Pequeno Auditório · 21H00

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The last film by Antonio Reis and Margarida Cordeiro, Rosa de Areia - whose world premiere took place in Berlin in 1989 - counts on the participation of Artur Semedo and Reis himself, closing the brief set of four works of the pair and does it as a tribute to the land, poetry and landscape. The story of a man chased by a tiger who fell into a well where another tiger awaited him or the story of a father raised from the dead to give his daughter a wine made of sun, dust and rain, are stories that live out of time, here documented with actual processes such as medieval judgment and the execution of a pig. Supported by various fragments of texts, ranging from Montaigne, Kafka or Carl Sagan, to the prose of Margarida Cordeiro, these micronarratives combine in a kind of great literary composition that often illustrates the images. The filmmakers clearly state in this last film an experimental gesture that points in new directions and has created in Portuguese cinema a place like these temporarily dry lands where the desert rose is born - where all the imaginary can flourish. (Luís Lima)

António Reis
1974, Portugal, 35’