Il Monte delle Formiche

O Monte das Formigas · The Mount of Ants

Ricardo Palladino

2017, ITA, 63', M12

Focus Matías Piñeiro 2018

29 Nov 2018 · TM Rivoli, Pequeno Auditório · 21H00

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On September 8, in Italy, on what is known as the Mount of Ants, a secular event occurs: a group of winged ants arrive there to mate with the queen ant. The graceful nuptial flight follows the death of all the males, fallen on the floor of the church that rises there on the top of the hill, while the female frees of its wings to enter the subsoil and, there, to create a new colony. In The Mount of Ants, Riccardo Palladino approaches not only this phenomenon, but also the rituals of contemplation and celebration that tourists and believers, adults and children, practice there. It is from this event and from the texts of writers like Maeterlinck or Goethe that Palladino traces a reflection on the nature of these insects and human nature, establishing a parallelism between the idea of collective and that of individualistic systems. (Rita Morais)