El paisaje está vacío y el vacío es paisaje

A paisagem está vazia e o vazio é paisagem · The Landscape is Empty and Emptiness is Landscape

Carla Andrade

2017, ESP, CHL, 15', M12

Carte Blanche Punto de Vista 2018 / Cinefiesta 2018

28 Nov 2018 · Cinema Trindade · 15H00

Based on a phrase of the Korean poet Dalchin Kim, The Landscape is Empty and Emptiness is Landscape' points out a reality where there is no a discriminatory recognition, since things do not have the value of their reflection, challenging like this the Western mechanisms of power. Thus, through the empty landscapes of the Atacama Desert, it is evoked the cosmovision of the Andean culture, in which natural phenomena are intimately linked with mythical beliefs and social life.


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El Paisaje Está Vacío y El Vacío es Paisaje
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2017, Espanha/Chile, 15’