Portugal Tem Lata

Portugal Tem Lata · Portugal Tem Lata

João Trabulo, Rui Pregal da Cunha

2018, PRT, 100', M12

Cinema Falado 2018

25 Nov 2018 · Passos Manuel · 19H00

Portuguese people are connected to the sea. With much of its border bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, it will not be surprising that comes from here a huge slice of our income. The fish canning industry, one of the most emblematic and old Portuguese industries, was again very fashionable, partly because of the musician and singer, founder of the mythical Heróis do Mar and the LX-90, Rui Pregal da Cunha, that opened a restaurant in honour of the national canning industry and fado - Can the Can. Now, Pregal da Cunha, who has always liked to position himself behind the camera, tells us this story. Part of the History of Portugal. (César Nóbrega)