PAUS - Madeira

PAUS - Madeira · PAUS - Madeira

Ernesto Bacalhau

2018, PRT, 44', M12

Transmission 2018

25 Nov 2018 · Passos Manuel · 22H00

Paus were in Madeira in artistic residence, at the invitation of the Aleste alternative music festival. The aim was to record video clips for a new album and document their stay on the island. The fourth album by Hélio Morais' band, Makoto Yagyu, Fábio Jevelim and Quim Albergaria seems to be contaminated by warmer weather, without losing the rock and experimentalism known from previous works. In fact, PAUS are responsible for disturb the calm of the island, bringing an industrial and urban environment to all the places they visit. The entire creation process is recorded, and a guided tour is also made through nine locations on the island, one for each track of the new album's alignment. (César Nóbrega)